The shopping kart

by Andrea Zendali

It was in the summer of 2018. Me and my friends were staying for the holidays in Sirolo – Ancona. We rented a nice villa for two weeks just outside of the main town, since we were far from the town it wasn’t easy for us to move, even though we had bikes.

Almost every morning we had to go to the grocery store to either buy breakfast or lunch or dinner, so we went by feet carrying the shopping kart borrowing it from the super market or by bike filling our backpacks with food.

I believe it was the first day, one of us went to the store and bought a ton of stuff but he had to carry the cart all the way to the house and once he got home he refused to return the cart so we had it hanging around in the courtyard.

One day i was laying on my bed bored because no one wanted to go to the beach and i thought, what if i carry the shopping cart in to the house all the way to my room(1st floor two levels of stairs).

So i did.

For how funny and easy it may look, it took me a lot to take it up three steps. Whilst everyone was laughing me and a friend decided to take this to the next level(litterally).